Book Buzz || My main character Tia is named after...Tia Mowry, Eat in My Kitchen, Arzak

Every weekday, Publisher’s Marketplace emails the latest deals in print, digital, audio and foreign sales (over 200 deals/week). Here are some of my favs -- not necessarily the biggest names or the buzziest deal… but the ones that piqued my interest for one reason or another.

EAT IN MY KITCHEN by Meike Peters
Editor: Holly La Due at Prestel
Description: Featuring 100 seasonal recipes, like mountain buns with coriander and aniseed, Maltese pasta with lemon zest and ricotta, and rhubarb crumble cake, and showcases Meike's unique style of cooking that combines delicious comfort food with a Mediterranean palate of flavors.

Reason enough to be excited for this book. Meike’s blog post about the PM announcement was adorable and infectious in its enthusiasm.

An exciting email from New York changed my life! Holly La Due from Prestel/ Verlagsgruppe Random House asked me if I’d be interested in writing a cookbook filled with my recipes, stories and photographs. I had to read this email twice before I ran to my boyfriend who was still in bed, it was 7 in the morning, I put the laptop on his chest and made him read the email to me again. I screamed and laughed out loud hysterically!

No doubt this will be a stunning cookbook with unexpected, must-try recipes.

WHOLE NEW YOU by Tia Mowry
Agent: Katherine Latshaw at Folio Literary Management
Editor: Nina Shield at Ballantine
Description: Featuring the anti-inflammatory whole foods diet that helped her recover from endometriosis and chronic migraines along with tasty, accessible recipes, easy pantry switches, and mini-cleanses from foods that could be irritating your body.

Children of the 90s... aren’t you glad that Tia is still doing her thing (fun fact: my main character Tia Monroe was in fact inspired by Tia Mowry… why? I don’t know. I just connected with the name). Also, it's been great to see endometriosis making it into the mainstream with the help of some celebrity stories. Another food-related example: Padma Lakshmi co-founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America (and gave a talk about her medical journey at Cherry Bombe Jubilee). 

Agent: Jonah Straus at Straus Literary
Editor: Anne Dolamore at Grub Street
Description: Grandfather of New Basque cuisine and chef-owner of Restaurant Arzak in San Sebastián, which in 1989 was the first in Spain to be awarded three Michelin stars and is currently ranked number 8 in the world by 50 Best … an essential work on his traditions, techniques and philosophy.

DYK that the Basque region is home to the highest concentration of Michelin stars? Also add a culture of tapas and tapear, “going from bar to bar for drinks and tapas”, and you have something of a high-”low” food mecca. Thus far, I’ve only been able to experience Arzak through blogs (these from The Chic Brulee and Shelly in Real Life are great). This'll be a coffee table stunner, for sure.