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Maybe you need a website from scratch. Or maybe your old one needs to go.
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Before I even had a book deal, my agent told me: time to create an author website. I looked at over one hundred author sites for inspiration, and while some of them were well-designed...most of them weren’t. I saw the same problems over and over again: garish colors and fonts that assaulted the eyes, homepages that prioritized abandoned blogs, confused design that buried the author’s most important accomplishments, gimmicky effects that were glitchy and annoying.

I was also shocked to learn that many authors are unable to update their own sites without contacting a designer and "webmaster". Either pay their hourly fee or settle for an out-of-date site (that becomes more obsolete by the second). The site becomes a money-suck or an embarrassment. No, thank you! 

So I set to work on creating my ideal site (see here for some of my considerations). Feedback was so positive and I loved the process so much that now I want to extend my services to other authors.

Before I was an author, I was a marketer. I’ve worked as a creative director for a half-billion-dollar direct marketing company, ran marketing and events at a multi-city art and design center, and managed a community of hundreds of thousands at a web startup. 

As an author, marketer, and designer, I'm confident we can create a site that matches your personality, needs, and goals. Then, I'll give you the tools and info to update and tweak it yourself. Just fill out the quick form below and we'll get started! 


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