Interested in Author Website Services? Awesome. Here's a taste of the thinking behind my author site, and what I could bring to you. Keep in mind, I treat every author and project individually. We'll work together to create a site that matches your personality, needs, and goals. 

1. Distinctive Logo
This font matches my book cover, unifying my book, website, and brand. 

2. Easy Navigation
Content is neatly organized into five categories, with sub-folders in each tab. 

3. Clear prioritization
Equal weight is put on my latest book (what I want people to buy) and my blog/recipes (what I want people to read). My bio is a lesser priority.

4. Content Showcase
Make sure your best posts don't get lost. This slideshow shows the reader a full spectrum of you -- without taking too much space. 

5. Brand Colors & Font
We'll create a "Style Bible" so every element is consistent and on-brand.

6. Press Shout-Outs
If you've got it, flaunt it! These logos pique interest and add legitimacy.

7. Email Capture
You've got a person on your page. Great! Now get their email so you can bring them back. 

8. Dynamic Social Feeds
Let people see your day-to-day. Adding your social streams adds color and life to your page. 

9. Community Love
A writer is nothing without her readers. Honor your fans by including them on your site. They'll appreciate it.  

10. Keep Connected
Make sure visitors know how they can follow you. These icons are included on every single page of the site. 

Ready to learn more?