The 2015 #FoodWhore Awards

Confession: when I first thought of possible cover designs, I was inspired by Instagram. You know, all those flat lays of beautiful fruit, on a pristine white background. I pictured something super tactile, a little messy, vibrant, exotic but relatable. 

Did I think people would take that cover and create their own Instagrams, often with food? Maybe? I didn't really think about it, in the way a restaurant might create a dish that screams Instagram fodder. 

But, now, looking at readers' #FoodWhore Instagrams is one of the best surprises and rewards of publishing a book. There are so many great ones, but here are some that made me heart-eye emoji like mad. 

Best Food Pornographers

Oozey, gooey, sticky bites that hit on all our pleasure points. Food whore indeed! 

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Best Beach-Envy Shots

Author life: sitting in leggings in Brooklyn. Reader life: lounging on a tropical beach. Hm.

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Best Flat Lays

'Grammers who make true art. 

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Best Way to Start the Day 

Forget checking your email. Start your day with a book. 

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Best Putting the OOO in Food Whore

Like peas and carrots (or foie and Sauternes), donuts are the most common food to be posed with Food Whore. 

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Best Carby Delights

For the savory tooths among us... 

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Best All-Natural Sugar High 

... And those who go a little lighter. 

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Best Coffee Break 

I liked these a latte.

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Best Sweet Teeth 

Because the book *did* come out right before Halloween... 

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Best Nightcap

What's better than eating and reading? Reading then sleeping.

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