FRIDAY LINKS || 4.17.15

Hello Friday! It’ll be in the 70s this weekend and I’ll be popping by Prospect Park and farmer’s markets. Kinda wanna buy cherry blossoms, but know they’re gonna shed like mad. Hmm. And, remember those driving lessons? This weekend, we’re also picking up a new leased car.

Here’s some stuff I liked this week.

Taproot Flowers, the bloom whisperers of Crown Heights, are looking for a floral assistant. No experience necessary! (Someone do this so I can live vicariously through you.) 

The Institute of Culinary Education collaborated with Watson, IBM supercomputer, to create a cookbook developed by algorithms. It sounds kinda cringeworthy, but if you think about it, there are golden rules to all cooking. Perhaps flavor-based, like sour and sweet, nutty and fruity. Or known friends, like nutmeg and spinach, chocolate and chili. Or textural play, like crunchy and soft, buttery and al dente. I’m into it!

I’ve been eyeing these purple baby artichokes, and this recipe finally convinced me to actually buy them and make something.

I recently tried to marbleize a canvas bag with nail polish based on this Oh Happy Day! tutorial (talk about a craft FAIL). But this Italian marble paper artist… this is something else.

Have you ever had dinner here? Here’s the menu for tonight:

And it’s BYOB. My kind of place.

Hope you have a great weekend!