Carrot Marmalade Sorbet with Roasted Hazelnuts


Julian and I had a major surplus of carrots. I bought a ton for the party, he has a thing for minerally heirlooms, and I like big, overgrown ones for soup. One whole crisper drawer was literally filled with carrots.

So I took some baby carrots and poached them with a whole vanilla pod until they got soft, but not mushy. I wanted a little bite and freshness to them, like a pear just a day from being too ripe. I froze the carrots whole overnight and pureed them with a spoonful of marmalade and the juice of one whole blood orange for depth and bitterness and acidity.

Roasted hazelnuts are such a treat in savory salads and desserts. Here they almost play it both ways. This dessert is homey and hearty, almost cake-like in its earthy fullness.