Miso swirled with Gingered Pear Frozen Yogurt


It's not all berries and mangoes here. Wanted to get a little more experimental. This is pears poached in leftover pinot grigio and ginger, whizzed with frozen yogurt (literally, yogurt frozen in a covered ice tray), and swirled with miso paste.

At first I wanted to pair the pear with with some caramel and rosemary, but thought that would be too sweet and obvious. Wanted something savory, smoky, something more sophisticated than some of the other ice creams I've been making.

The miso is probably not for everyone. It's actually not as salty when it's frozen, and I think it adds a streak of danger to what's otherwise a very clean, well-behaved flavor profile. I think I probably went wrong with the gomasio, which added a welcome somewhat Asian crunch, but also even more salt. Normally I like a salty dessert, but I don't think the pear had enough body to counter the onslaught.