Ferran Adria told me, "Don't be so shy!"


A couple years ago, I went to a talk by Ferran Adria with Bill Kang. As we waited in line to get our books signed, an assistant came by with post-its so we could pre-write our name for Ferran, whose English is not very good. I wrote my name really small. When I look back at that original post-it, it doesn't even really look like my handwriting.

When I finally got up to the table, Ferran was feeling in the groove of assembly-line signing. He pointed his pen towards the book, but then looked up at me, "Where is your name?"

"Right there" I said, blushing like mad. "It's small. I guess I'm shy." 

"Don't be shy!" he commanded, then raced the Sharpie across the page and signed my book.