Some sideways winks at Cafe Evergreen


After seeing the astonishingly talented Lise de la Salle at the Met (Museum), headed over to Cafe Evergreen, "Chinese Cuisine Delivery in Upper East Side."

Uh oh. Our waiter insisted on pointing out what a difference a couple dozen blocks makes. "Try the Bo bo chicken. Midtown, no bones. Chinatown, bones."

Waiter: "No shells on prawn. American people don't like shells."
Me: "No shrimp head?"
Waiter: "Hahaha no. You have to go downtown for that." (And then, behind everyone's back, "Are you Cantonese?")

This picture is from their website. Also clearly not Chinatown, but not really Cafe Evergreen either. They're more cornstarch "velvet" and brown sauce. Delicious as they are in their own right.