Urban Tropicalia Makeup Story


You'd think if you walk around New York with blue, silver, pink and purple paint on your face, people would take notice. Not exactly. On the way to work, a woman said to me, "I like your haircut!", which seems like a lot of effort, to ignore the obvious. As a sociological experiment, I kept this makeup on from 9am to 10pm. I went to work, ate dinner at Kin Shop, had ice cream at Cafe Cluny, and ordered drinks at Waverly Inn.

But it's more complicated than people just choosing to be blasé. There was the sarcastic route: There's something on your face. There was the clueless route: What did you do to your face? A young girl joyously pointed: Look at the lady! And then there were the people who were really just interested in the story and appreciated the freaky. You get over it, and it's fun, and it's just your face and you can wash it off. My boss called me a Marketing Warrior, which makes me feel like I should always wear this sort of makeup all the time.

I'm considering it.

Oh yeah, what's the story behind this makeup? This is another Linda Mason creation. Today, the theme was "editorial." I like to think the theme was my old screenname, Mauibamba, or my favorite perfume, Six Scents x Alexandre Herchcovitch Urban Tropicalia, which names "Erogenous Cedar Wood" as its lead ingredient.

We started with simple beautification and contouring, mimicking a scenario in which I was a celebrity who just wanted to look beautiful and glamorous. Then Linda wanted to match my personality, "youthful, with an edge" as she says, so we moved to blue. Then we moved onto more colors, bigger brushes, and some daring down-the-cleavage action. Because Linda also knows every once in awhile, I like looking slightly deranged. See more of my Linda Mason makeovers here.