Pineapple Vinho Verde Sorbet with Prickly Pear


The prickly pear is a challenging, rather enigmatic fruit, more seed than flesh. Imagine a pomegranate with the membranes dissolved, or a grenade loaded with juicy pellets. Like papaya, it tastes great with a squeeze of lime to zip its flavors. It tastes of berries and bananas and must taste like heaven for a desert traveler coming across these rubies on the tip of a cactus.

I made this ice cream on a historically hot day. The pineapple is a tropical foundation with its own tongue-prickling properties. The Rose Vinho Verde adds an effervescent, crisp buzz. Unecessary in some way, essential in others.

RECIPE: Vitamix 1/2 cup frozen bananas and 1 cup frozen pineapples with a glug of Vinho Verde. Serve with sliced prickly pears. Serves 1.