Kumquat, Quinoa & Nutmeg Cereal


Britney Spears reportedly demands Captain Crunch and Pop Tarts in her green room. Madonna needs Kabbalah water. And Christina Aguilera cannot perform without a jar of Flinstones Vitamins.

If I were a pop star, I might request this Kumquat, Quinoa & Nutmeg Cereal. This is a sophisticated treat that's wholesome, bitter, sour, sweet, and subtly spiced. It's also esoteric enough to keep up my difficult pop star persona, and healthy enough that I won't feel gross on stage. But, if they bring me millet or spelt -- hell will break loose.

Recipe: Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of marmalade with 1 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa. Add 5-7 sliced kumquats. Loosen with some milk (rice, soy, regular), and top with fresh grated nutmeg.