Rosemary, Pear & Orange Blossom Sorbet


Somewhere in the ether, someone came up with the combination of pear and rosemary. Let us investigate. Pear = granulated, sweet, buttery. Rosemary = piney, eucalyptusy, savory. I can't quite put my finger on why these two flavors go together so well, but they taste like something warm but fresh, like a villa in Tuscany.

I took this flavor combination one step further with a dash of orange blossom. Orange blossom water ties together the fruit and herb flavors, and adds something floral for elegant flair. Since there's no added sugar, this could also function as a palate cleanser. The aromatic rosemary and orange blossom leave a lovely, lingering perfume, evocative of the walk to an outdoor dinner as the sun is setting. 

Recipe: Dice and freeze 1 Bartlett pear. Puree with 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water and 12 rosemary leaves. Serves 1.