Layered Magic Muesli


While Julian studies for finals, I'm trying to funnel my energies towards things that will make him smarter and happier. Listening to NPR: yes. Watching American Idol: no. Spontaneous back massages:  yes. Spastically tapping utensils on pots and pans: no.

This afternoon delight is non-disruptive and highly edifying: a wet/dry healthy "shot" made of all good things. Dumbo had his magic feather, this is Julian's magic muesli.

From top to bottom, behold: brown flax seeds, thick cut oats, cacao nibs, bee pollen, plum butter and matcha. The idea is that you mix it together, and the plum butter soaks and binds everything together into a potent mouthful not unlike an exotic and deconstructed Kind Bar.