Blay Report Street Style // My Feature, for the Record

Today I was featured in the super-slick beauty/fashion blog, The Blay Report as this week's Street Talk! Check out the full post here, but here's an abbreviated version below, with my annotations in brackets.

STREET TALK: JESSICA TOM BURSTS WITH "PERSONALITIES" [Specifically, Madame Butterfly Goes to the Stables]

[I think I was just moving my hair out of my face and closing my eyes because of the sun. I am too guarded for this Basking-in-Bushwick pose. The outfit is very high-low: Belt: Theory -- Capelet: Rozae Nichols -- Sandals: Marni -- Dress: Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart  ]

So tell me, what’s your fashion inspiration?
I just like to wear things that no one else can pull off. [This came from a childhood of shopping from the sale rack. That means I learned how to wear all the weird things no one else would buy.] 

Hmm, what do you mean?
Like when I shop I look for crazy shapes and really cool textures.  I like to challenge myself. [It's true. If you want to make Julian shudder on command, ask him about my oversized scribbled yard cropped jacket.]

So what do you think to yourself as you’re getting ready for the day?
I like trying on new personalities. I’m mean it’s just clothes, why not?

Personalities, eh?  Any “recurring characters”?
Well, I really like “Futuristic Stewardess.” Or “Tiny Japanese Architect” and “Mad Cap Fashion Editor.”

[Laughs] Mad cap fashion editor?
Yeah, like purple lipstick and red hair, very “Queen of Hearts.” [I was thinking of glamorous fashion eccentrics, Lynn Yaeger and Isabella Blow, who famously said,


Images Courtesy of Darryl Calmese Jr. for Art-X Photography