Raw Cauliflower Manchurian & Zinfandel Blueberry Sorbet

Happy Easter! My Mom, uncle, and two brothers came in to have an Easter lunch in Brooklyn. We ate a Thai restaurant. Random, but good!

The day was so bright and beautiful, a light dinner seemed most appropriate. I made that classic Chinese-Indian fusion dish, Gobi Manchurian, but in raw form.* It's diced cauliflower, parsnips, red onion, kohlrabi, zucchini, fennel and chives, tossed with tomato paste, ketchup, curry, and fennel seed. The umami of the tomato brings this into huskier leagues -- from slaw to something a bit mouthier (for being raw, especially). I thought it was a pretty good recreation, though I'm a sucker for cruciferous in all forms. Give me cauliflower raw, roasted, deep-fried, riced, mashed, whatever. I am yours.

The dessert is no biggie -- a Sunday blueberry sorbet fortified with zinfandel. Sunday wined-down, indeed.


* Is this truly raw? Probably not, with the ketchup and the tomato paste. Oh well.