Chipotle, mango, blood orange sorbet


just a little melty, so you know it's real

I ate a lot of Haagen-Daz mango sorbet growing up. Every now and then I order mango sorbet at restaurants, thinking surely a professional can improve on the supermarket treat of my youth. But I don't think you can. Mango sorbet is like thread count. After a certain level, it's just all the same.

So I wanted to make this one special. I could have gone tropical with coconut, lime, or pineapple, but that too seemed dull.

Instead I took inspiration from mango salsa. The chipotle cuts through the mango's sweetness and its smoke adds a mystery that's lacking in regular "once-you've-had-one-you've-had-them-all" mango sorbet. Add slowly and taste often. I like a touch of vegetal heat on the front end, then the refreshing fruit for the finish.

The caramel corn is there for crunch and as another sweet take on a savory idea. If I had my imaginary wish-fulfilling pantry, I'd actually top this with toffeed cornbread crumbs.