Raw, Raw, Shish-koom-baw

Aunt Emilienne writes with more dispatches from the raw food scene in Montreal. Looks like these ladies know how to have fun!


Salad and whole pattypans, served in halved grapegruit cups. Raw chocolate cake in the back. This is so pretty and colorful, I feel like it could be the theme of a high school prom. (True story: I wanted our senior prom to be themed "Eggplant Promesan" and had the hardest time convincing the rest of the planning committee I wasn't joking.)


Seaweed fennel salad, cucumber slices like synchronized swimmers ready to dive. 


I'd like to see this monster salad served somewhere in New York so I can devour it after the gym. Isn't it so joyous? Like a punchbowl or a tower of ice cream (in the parallel world of vice).


Raw burrito, wrapped in pliant cabbage. This is such a good idea. I find so much raw food precious (ack! not a degree above 114!!), but this looks easy and effortless. Though raw food can get a little pricey with the nuts, time, labor, and organic ingredients, this particular dish shouldn't cost too much.


Raw sushi -- party time!