FRIDAY LINKS | 5.1.15 #BEA15 Edition

BEA Power Readers' Day in 2013

BEA Power Readers' Day in 2013

In 26 days -- Wednesday May 27th, 3pm -- I’m doing my very first book signing at BookExpo America… the largest book industry event in the US and one of the most important book conferences in the world. WHOA. If you're around, come to Table 14 for a galley, an autograph, and a special goodie! 

I’ve been to BEA twice -- both as a reader, not an author. The first time I went on Power Readers’ Day, which was basically like the industry days, but open to the public. The second year Power Readers’ Day was replaced with BookCon, the book industry’s version of ComicCon (it’s produced by the same people). The latter is an event studded with both Hollywood and book-world stars (this year will have Mindy Kaling, John Green, Julianne Moore, Rainbow Rowell, Aziz Ansari, Candace Bushnell, Elin Hilderbrand). Last year was insane -- like, get-me-out-of-here insane. I was not alone in that sentiment and the organizers are said to have made some changes this year. I guess we’ll see!

Anyway, I will be there on a quieter, more industry-y day, and that makes me pretty happy. As a debut author, there’s no way I could compete with the shiny names. Ostensibly, I’ll be able to chat with people, get to know them, sign their books, take pics. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve also done a flurry of research to psych myself up. Here’s what’s buzzing about #BEA15.

First, what is BEA? It’s a trade show for book sellers, agents, editors, book PR and marketing people, librarians, press, film producers, book manufacturing/distribution professionals, book bloggers… anyone who is interested in seeing what’s coming up in the world of books. This year, it’s at Javits Center, NYC’s spot for massive conferences where the world converges over cars, design, books, whatever.

The book blogger community is already super-tight, enthusiastic, and supportive, but this really comes out in the months before BEA. 

Ashley at NoseGraze wrote this tutorial on rocking BEA. Tips: Research, organize, prioritize.

Hannah at the Irish Banana made this hilarious story in gifs about the emotional phases of BEA.

Krista at Krista’s Dust Jacket is doing a 5-part series on getting prepared.  

The BookExpo America GoodReads group is amazingly active and comprehensive. I’ve been checking in everyday. The members are super quick to jump on any announcements from BEA or individual authors. These BEA 2014 recap posts really got me in the mood (This one from QuillCafe shows authors with Quillbert, a stuffed hedgehog. John at Bookish Antics highlighted “the amazing frenzy” of jumping from event to event.)

If you'll be at BEA on Wednesday 5/27, I'd love to meet you! I'll me at Table 14. If you're using the BEA show planner, you can add me to your schedule here. And if you're a book blogger and can't make it, you can request a galley here

Happy weekend! 

FRIDAY LINKS || 4.17.15

Hello Friday! It’ll be in the 70s this weekend and I’ll be popping by Prospect Park and farmer’s markets. Kinda wanna buy cherry blossoms, but know they’re gonna shed like mad. Hmm. And, remember those driving lessons? This weekend, we’re also picking up a new leased car.

Here’s some stuff I liked this week.

Taproot Flowers, the bloom whisperers of Crown Heights, are looking for a floral assistant. No experience necessary! (Someone do this so I can live vicariously through you.) 

The Institute of Culinary Education collaborated with Watson, IBM supercomputer, to create a cookbook developed by algorithms. It sounds kinda cringeworthy, but if you think about it, there are golden rules to all cooking. Perhaps flavor-based, like sour and sweet, nutty and fruity. Or known friends, like nutmeg and spinach, chocolate and chili. Or textural play, like crunchy and soft, buttery and al dente. I’m into it!

I’ve been eyeing these purple baby artichokes, and this recipe finally convinced me to actually buy them and make something.

I recently tried to marbleize a canvas bag with nail polish based on this Oh Happy Day! tutorial (talk about a craft FAIL). But this Italian marble paper artist… this is something else.

Have you ever had dinner here? Here’s the menu for tonight:

And it’s BYOB. My kind of place.

Hope you have a great weekend!