Highlights from #FoodFictionFriday Assignment #2: Distillation

And… week 2 of #FoodFictionFriday is in the books. You guys are really finding your writing groove. As a reminder, the challenge was to use the principles of distillation to write and edit a piece describing a person as a drink.

Here are some highlights:

This piece from @Boomboombbq read in such an effortless, uncontrived way. The drink metaphor was so natural, you’d think we all described people that way.

@Demewalls wrote a heartfelt yet unsentimental ode to one of the best drinks of all time. Don’t you want to be this guy’s best friend?

And finally… here’s mine!

Keep on the lookout for the next prompt on this blog or on Instagram. The next assignment goes a little more outside the box. ;)

Highlights from #FoodFictionFriday Assignment #1

What a great way to start #FoodFictionFriday! Thank you to all who participated. I loved seeing how everyone interpreted the prompt in their own unique ways.

I read and comment on every single story and will be featuring a handful here on the blog every week.

@Jillfoodie’s 2-sentence story showed incredible confidence. She set up the story, then let the reader fill in the blanks for him or herself.

@Sookjinong put a spin on a classic fairy tale, revealing a different sort of magic. I loved how the bean became the touchstone — a seed, a stew ingredient, a way to connect…

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying to LaLa Land 🌴, so I’m posting my #FoodFictionFriday tonight. Here’s my piece for assignment #1: Start a recipe while also conveying another world beyond the food at hand. ✏️ Chocolate sprinkles Chocolate-covered pretzels Oreos (not generic brand!) Peanut butter cups (mini if possible) Wafer cones Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) Chocolate syrup Elmer’s glue Instant mashed potatoes - 5 boxes CONFIDENTIAL. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. ✏️ At the risk of killing the art, I’ll unpack it -- just because this is our first one and I know it can be a little funky to transition from food non-fiction to fiction. My goal was to portray a fastidious recipe writer and take the reader on a little roller coaster. When we start, we think this person is making a delicious sundae. But then we get to Elmer’s glue? Instant mashed potatoes?? Perhaps this person is a food stylist. And then the last line drops. Why so paranoid? Maybe the author has some not-so-sweet intentions… ✏️ If you’re writing an autobiographical piece, I encourage you to play with voice, structure, and subtext (rather than the typical linear, confessional approach). I‘m so excited to read your pieces and see how you’ve interpreted this prompt. Remember, post your story tomorrow with #FoodFictionFriday and @jessica_tom. Check out other people’s stories and show them some love. Hit me up if you have any homework questions or need any guidance!👇Remember the most important thing is to HAVE FUN and PLAY. It’s just a game of make-believe. 😊

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And here’s my story!

On Monday, I’ll be posting the next assignment. Stay tuned and thanks for playing! :)