Short post about Food Network Star - Episode 5 - Take This Title & Run With It

Well, folks, that was the end of the road for me. I'm going to take some time to reflect before I post my thoughts here. But here's a short statement I posted on my Instagram: 

In case you're unfamiliar, Star Salvation is a competition in which eliminated contestants compete to re-enter the show. Star Salvation can be viewed online here. New episodes are posted immediately after the East Coast airing of Food Network Star. All Star Salvation challenges will also be shown at 8pm on July 29th, leading up to Food Network Star (and the winner's re-entry to the competition) at 9pm. 

Stay tuned for more thoughts! Going to take some time off for a bit :). I so appreciate all your words of encouragement and support. My heart is full. 

See the Food Network Star commercial

Well folks, it's almost time!! The Food Network Star premiere is 3 weeks away and Food Network has started airing promos. There are a bunch of variations, but the edit above is the one that features your truly :) . 

A couple behind-the-scenes tidbits: 

  • That moment when I'm biting my lip? That's not acting. I didn't realize the cameras were rolling and that was actually me, anxious before I *thought* the cameras were going to roll. Reality TV, reality commercial... 

  • This day was super fun because it's just a different vibe -- no competition, no elimination, just playing in the kitchen and on-camera. 

  • If you can't tell, I'm wearing fish skeleton earrings

This is getting really real, really fast. And if you haven't already, mark your calendars/ set your DVRs... the premiere is June 10 9|8c.