Harnesses & Sculptural Leather

Manish Arora

No reason to get prudish about it. I'm not going to get all 50 Shades on you.

When I was younger, I didn't think leather looked right on me. Too armored, too mature.

Now I wear leather for the exact reasons I avoided it as a kid. Leather toughens up any outfit, articulates your lines.

When you're younger, you can get away with loose, cottony things. Later, you want structure and polish -- blazers, crisp button-downs, slicked-back hair.

I'm not talking about shoes and purses, because those aren't de facto statement pieces. I'm walking about statement leather --  detailing in your shirt, panels in your coat, etc.

But  leather is also kind of tricky if you're not in a position to be a dominatrix at work or a biker chick at the grocery store. That's why I love delicate harnesses and sculptural leather. They don't have the heavy-handed connotations of "hard" leather, and bring another sort of sexy tough elegance to any outfit.

Here's what I'm wearing above:

Tank: VPL // Sculptured Vest: Manish Arora ( I got it at Oak forever ago and can't find it online. When you see a totally unique piece like this -- you have to get it or else you will regret it.) // Skirt: Theory // Lipstick: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Black Dahlia

Some other pieces I love (btw, I'm also on Polyvore!)







from top to bottom, left to right

Harness by BCBG, worn by PeaceLoveShea -- Whoa. Originally I thought this was Givenchy, but the fact that this is BCBG makes it even better (in the sense that it's more attainable). The dress is okay in a MILFy work dress sort of way, but the harness takes it to the next level.

Bullet Bustier by Zana Bayne -- I feel like you could wear this under a blazer and it'd function like a sweater vest. The uncomplicated seaming and matte leather saves this from 80s Madonna territory.

Pentagram Harness by Zana Bayne -- Devil worship aside, this is kinda like a strappy sandal -- for your body. Delicate, sexy, structured. Done.

Silver Fox Mask by Fleet Ilya -- Remember when lace bunny ears were in a zillion fashion editorials? This is an evolution of that -- cute and elegant, but with a touch of the sinister.

Ponystep by Fleet Ilya -- I have no practical applications for this, but I like it anyway.

Feather Shoulder Piece by Two Weeks -- The inspiration behind this post, my most pinned image, and so damn enchanting. These aren't some poufy Victoria's Secret maribou confections. Again, it comes down to the leather and the feathers, the hard and the soft.

Zana Bayne Bullet Bustier



$445 - fleetilya.com