Reasons I've Been Away From this Blog


This Cashew Fig Muesli is a small reason why I haven't been blogging

1. I've been doing NaNoWriMo, which is the craziest thing I've ever done!! No, just kidding, but it's very time-consuming. It's been an adventure and I feel light years ahead of where I was when I started DBEYE. There are many mistakes I won't make again, and exciting new mistakes that await. I think the best reward has been seeing how different this story is than DBEYE. I was unsure I had other novel-worthy dramas in me, and this proves that stories are not rare jewels, but everyday things you control and carve. If you're a Wrimo, come friend me during the month of November.

2. I'm rethinking how I want to do this blog... I never wanted to be known for my ice creams and sorbets. Or my hair and makeup. For the past couple months, this blog has been an experiment and escape. Now I think it should be more focused on my writing, and I've been researching other author websites to see what I'd like in mine.

3. ...But still want a place to show food! So now I'm fiddling around with Tumblr, where I can post pictures of food without the pressure of turning the post into something that is weighty and tied to my writing. Follow me here!

Other Reasons I've been away: my job, 1Q84, THE MARRIAGE PLOT, The Complete Roald Dahl Collection, roasting oyster mushrooms, Fluidity, Zumba, spinning, How to Make Mistakes on Purpose, being the apartment DJ, creating interesting mueslis, planning Thanksgiving, and other book-related things that I am keeping mum about.

So, stay tuned for the rebirth of this blog in the coming months. And if you originally came here when Googling "carbonated coffee", "olive bread", or believe that my real calling is getting more people to eat rabbit, then thanks for playing along and come follow my food adventures on Tumblr !