About My Pink Conceptual Hair by Tim Hartley


I was open to whatever Tim wanted to do. I just told him I still wanted to look "friendly."

"Being cut by Tim Hartley is like being touched by a god." So said Justine of the L'Oreal Soho Professional Academy a month and a half ago. "Do you want to hair model for us?"

Um, yeah?

Not being fluent in upper-level hair terms, I can only tell you little bits of what this concept is about. It has a tight graduation on the sides, an undercut to eliminate the weight and modernize my hair. The back is a "firefly." This hairstyle has ooh-aah "Power Moments." The pink is "delicious." I especially like the concave shape in the bangs, achieved by what Tim calls "a morsel in the fringe."

Tim is obviously a legend -- 30 years at Vidal Sassoon, International Creative Director for 11 of them, 2010 British Hairdresser of the Year. One website says, "Tim Hartley is, quite simply, one of the world's greatest hairdressers."

But also, he's extremely nice and down-to-Earth. He even wants me to keep in touch about the book, though he had originally hoped it was dirty. (Sorry, it isn't.)


All the models wore these cool black silk dresses with leather harnesses.

People can get very anxious about changing their hair. Sure, it's not for everyone. But you just need a little faith. When you put yourself in the hands of Tim and his scissors, or Linda Mason and her makeup, or a chef and his or her tasting menu, you become part of an art-making circle. Rather than just being a client, you can become both canvas and muse.

P.S. - All these pics are with full, 20-minute makeup. The theme was rosy-cheeked, Sunday morning with a strong brow.