Kefir Cantaloupe Shake


Dieting is a bad word. But after the Bermuda cruise, the New York State Fair, and two back-to-back meals at Dinosaur BBQ, a girl's gotta make some adjustments.

Kefir has like a zillion active organisms in it. If you get the good stuff from a farmer's market, and drink it on an empty stomach, you will feel your stomach gurgling like a cauldron of digestion. It might freak you out. People who sell kefir like to say it is "the champagne of yogurt."

Note: here, the usage of "champagne" is not like that of Miller High Life, where champagne connotes delusional notions of grandeur. In the case of kefir, "champagne" is meant to indicate that it is literally fizzy. It's not rollicking, like a soda, but it makes you feel like you might burp. You won't burp and that's sort of frustrating.

Here I mixed the kefir with some cantaloupe and Italian plums, mostly because I had them around. The post-mortem analysis is that cantaloupe and Italian plums are rather musty fruits, unlike honeydew and peaches which lead sweeter, less challenging lives. I once read my favorite scent, Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir, characterized as "the spinster aunt." That is this shake. Whatever fruits you use, it's nice to add a zing of acidity for a cleansing component.

RECIPE: Vitamix 1/2 cup cut cantaloupe, 2 Italian plums, and 3/4 cup of kefir. Serve with a wedge of lime. Serves 1.