Banana Lime Coco-Crostini


Sometimes you have to break the rules to stay within them.

In a month, I'll be going to Bermuda and I've made a little vow myself to take it easy. It's not a diet, just a gentle pulling back. In New York, it's easy to fall into the habit of ordering desserts and drink after drink. At first you think it's a special occasion thing, then it becomes an everyday thing, and then all of sudden you're craving cocktails and pie on a lazy Tuesday at home.

So I've decided to restrain myself to just one drink, and only on nights out, and to eliminate desserts altogether.

But here I am with a boozy dessert on a lazy Tuesday. Who's going to punish me for this little tropical treat? Certainly not me.

RECIPE: Thinly slice bananas and lay them on a piece of coconut. Zest lime on top and drizzle with dark rum. This is a guiltless dessert that's rich, sweet, creamy and has a tantalizing lick of alcoholic heat. Enjoy it with impunity.