Cinnamon Cereal Tea


You’ve heard of Momofuku’s cereal milk, Christina Tosi’s (brilliant) infusion of corn flakes, sugar and cream. Well this, dear friends, is cereal tea.

Let us compare the two. Cereal milk tastes like the last dregs of your Lucky Charms. It is veloute. Cereal tea is more consomme, refined in its own supermarket way. It is clear, crystalline, but still the stuff of your childhood breakfasts.

The malty, cereal taste comes from roasted brown rice, the same ingredient that gives genmaicha its delicious toasty flavor. Then add cinnamon, and you’ve got the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Add cocoa add you get Cocoa Puffs. Add a very flavorful honey, and you get Honeycomb. No extra sugar needed.

Warm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Tea tastes silken and sultry, less like cereal and more like the hot whiff of an airport Cinnabon. I like cereal tea better cold. You know when you come home drunk and the best thing in the world is a heaping bowl of cereal doused in ice cold milk? Cereal milk is a luxurious end to a meal. Cold cereal tea is crisp and refreshing.