A Rapturous, Southern-Inflected End


There are a lot of things I'd want for my last meal. Off the top of my head: prawn crackers, candied nuts, kettle corn, seaweed salad, braised rabbit, my Dad's pulled pork, eggplant and "ketchup shrimp", dim sum, bouillabaise, steamed artichokes, baklava, fresh grapefruit juice, spicy tamarind candy, mangosteens, durian, pavlova, chocolate souffle.

Oh, and this, from a Rapture-themed dinner hosted last night by our friends and power couple Russ Armstrong (the briniest Craftsman/Comedian I know) and Greta Lee (style guru on the streets and on the stage). Witness our epic meal...Boiled Peanuts, so addictive my fingertips are pruned from picking at their salty goodness all night. Baked & Brined Chicken of stand-on-the-corner-and-wail tenderness. Peach Cornbread, crusted in cast iron and drizzled with honey and Sriracha. Mac & Cheese made with jumbo pasta shells, the better to cradle your cheese. Collards with Neck & Hock Meat, because on your last day on Earth, you've gotta make your way to the peak. White Meat, Dark Meat, Neck and Hock.

And, finally, a Cake to End All Cakes: a traditional Southern 9-layer vanilla cake, lathered in chocolate cream frosting. It was made by the very kind and stylish Hillary, who delivered her cake as one should always deliver apocalyptic cake: with a literal pound of butter and the fiercest DIY fringed and studded suede booties.