The Gold, the Strong, the Ugly Brow


Like that air hockey-basketball-foosball table. 3-in-1 fun.

After all this crazy makeup, I feel like my regular face is so boring! This time, Linda used me for a lesson in editorial makeup. The students wanted to experiment with gold, and I wanted to look jolie laide. Think Angelica Huston's face, Marni clothing, or maybe a platypus. Or, as this New York Times article writes, "the kind of ugliness which is noble."

This is Linda's compromise. The idea behind this composition is that different angles can give the same makeup job very different attitudes, saving on time and money. Not sure what Linda had in mind, but my take on these looks is (from left to right): Enlightened Eyebrow Raise, Ziggy is Pissed, and Broken Heart-Shaped Face. Coincidentally, these looks are an even crazier version of Gaga's new "Judas" video.

Next, I'm curious about morphing the shape of my lips, turning into some sort of beast/monster, or perhaps something with body paint. Here are some other looks Linda has done on me. What do you want to see next?



(not me) TEN Magazine, Dress by Chanel, Necklace by Lanvin, Makeup by Linda Mason.