Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (Made with Black Beans)


A yum yum yum. What's creamy besides ice cream? Pureed beans! This ice cream is the fever dream of my Vitamix party dips and the sly healthifications of Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious (see: Triple Chocolate Chickpea Cookies) and Rocco Dispirito's Now Eat This! (see: Black Velvet Chocolate Squares, made with red beans).

There is, of course, red bean ice cream, but this dessert bean-cream is true to its name and consists of just frozen black beans, frozen bananas, and some spoonfuls of Dutch-process cocoa powder. And man is it glossy and rich and very satisfying. You can't taste the black beans at all -- they are all substance, bass, and baritone here.

Thus far, I've experimented with many types of non-cream/custard frozen dessert bases -- bananas, tofu, yogurt. Now beans are on that list and the wheels are already spinning... Thinking most beans will be amenable -- Vanilla Lavender Ice Cream with white beans anyone? -- but wondering if there's a limit. Sesame Honey Ice Cream (made with chick peas) -- too much like hummus?