Thanks for the birthday wishes...Now time for cake!


cake from La Tulipe

Thanks so much for all the birthday love yesterday. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family.

Here is some cake eye candy for you... This is my favorite type of cake: a Dacqoise -- airy hazelnut-studded meringue layered with vanilla cream. I love this cake for the same reasons I love halvah and nougat, a nut's toast and toffee echoed through something soft and sweet. It is as dreamy and creamy and crunchy as it looks. Yum!

This cake is from La Tulipe, which used to be an undiscovered gem in Mt. Kisco until Chelsea Clinton famously got her 9-tier, 500 lb, gluten-free wedding cake there. Now they get tourists from Japan and features on Martha Stewart.

But it's all good because they always have dacqoise when a special occasion arises.