Cantaloupe vanilla sherbet


Cantaloupe is underrated. They're the fool's pick at the salad bar, the dieter's penance with cottage cheese.

But I think it's special. Unlike honeydew, cantaloupe has a very dinstinctive take on sweet. It's floral and earthy. Someone once told me that cantaloupes are some of the filthiest fruits out there, and for some reason I find that charming, too.

Cantaloupe's taste is rather mid-range, so I added an entire vanilla bean to the Vitamix to give the sherbet some elegance and structure, and lemon to pick up some of the clean, bright flavors. Fresh tofu gives it body and a subtle nuttiness, accented by the honey almond granola sprinkled on top. A fragrant, rounded-out sherbet that's still refreshing and true to the star.